Cessna Skycatcher Visits the Flyers

On Wednesday, October 13, Cessna's new Skycatcher visited the Michigan Flyers. Thanks to Scott Trumball and Pat Redmond of Suburban Aviation for giving us an opportunity to see and fly 5201K!

First Impressions


The Skycatcher is absolutely fun to fly! It’s powerful, develops lift quickly on TO. What pitch authority, Wow! Stick control is great, just a little pressure on the inside of my hand. Taxiing will take some time to overcome the long years of admonishment about using brakes for taxi; i was supposed to use the differential brakes to taxi the Skycatcher. Wonderful positives of this cutie is the panoramic view front and sides, width of the seats (no more cramped two-seater feeling). Flaps - first two notches, easy - last notch takes a bit more effort. Can’t wait to go up again in this sprightly bird!

Will Lawler

What a wonderful little airplane! Sleek, spacious and a great performer! The avionics and controls will take some getting used to, but everything is laid out very nicely, and the aircraft is very easy to control. The amount of seating space is amazing for such a small aircraft. Also, the cockpit visibility is fantastic- the windshield and windows are huge! The one negative I found was that it was difficult to taxi the aircraft, relative to a 152 or 172. It didn’t want to turn very readily, and it took some effort to actuate the brakes. But I am definitely looking forward to getting my hands on the Skycatcher in a few months! I can tell already that it will be a huge hit with my flying club and my students! GREAT plane!

Anthony Clark

I’m very impressed with the quality, feel, and handling of the Skycatcher. I love the sporty seating position and the innovative stick is pure genius. The differential braking for taxi takes a little getting used to. Acceleration and climb is beyond belief. Comparable to a 182, but with much lighter control feel. The manual flaps are simple, but effective. I was very surprised at how easy it is to land. This was my first flight in almost two years and I greased it on easily. This plane really puts the fun and excitement back in aviation.


Thanks to Scott and Pat for sharing the Skycatcher with the University of Michigan Flyers. I think our club members will have a blast with one of these. It takes off with authority, provides a great view out the front and sides, is very roomy and comfortable inside and sounds like a real airplane. Its very stable in slow and cruise flight. With minimal instruction, my biggest challenge was learning a new tail number. The flight controls are intuitive and easy to transition to. Taxiing without nose wheel steering was new for me, and took a couple hundred yards to learn. Its electric trim feels a little different so I was up to 3500 feet by the time I got it trimmed. This baby likes to climb – like 1412V! We indicated 110 knots at cruise. Steep turns are fun with a great view out those big side windows. Sweet landing, although the guy behind me had to go around. I think he just wanted a closer look.

Michael Dewitt

I just flew the SkyCatcher today and had a blast! First of all the aircraft has a great look. It is very roomy and I loved the dual avionics hi-res displays. This bird climbs way better than a C172 and was very stable throughout the flight maneuvers. Steep turns were comfortable and there is great visibility. I have one on order and I can’t wait to get it!