U of M AIAA Discovery Flights

On Sunday November 8, we hosted scores of University of Michigan students for a day of discovering flight. This event was championed by Ben Marchionna, president of the U of M chapter of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Our goal was to introduce lots of aeronautical engineering students to the wonders of flight in small aircraft. Some of the students did discovery flights where they got to fly a little. Others got a chance to see Michigan Stadium and North Campus from the air. Many experienced slow flight and steep turns. Grass landings and take offs became standard fare by the end of the day.

On the Wednesday before the event, Harry Crespy, Bruce Williams, Will Lawler and Dave Boprie met with the students for a presentation on learning to fly. We're hoping to stir up some interest here.

Ben signed up the students, arranged transportation and food. You can see him here coordinating transportation.

All of our aircraft were busy for several hours. Flight operations were running from 10:30 til dusk. Weather was good, with nice light winds from the southeast. The wind direction provided the opportunity for great fun on runway 12.

Runway 12 is grass with many landings visible from our parking lot. This is our glass panel Cessna 172 landing.

Jayne flew several discovery flights in 333UM, and was the first to utilize the grass.

Instructor Will Lawler spent the day in 44316 providing rides and discovery flights.

Instructor Doug Kovach spent the day giving discovery flights in 222UM. He's hard to see, but he's in there.

There was pizza.

Amit, Bruce and Harry shared 1377S flights with many eager students.

Of course, there were lots of post flight smiles from pilots and passengers.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this great event possible, including Dave Boprie who took the pictures.