Learn to Fly

If you've ever wondered what it's like to pilot an aircraft, the first step is an introductory flight lesson. For $99, you'll fly with an instructor in one of our Cessna aircraft, try a few basic procedures, and see Ann Arbor from 2,000 feet.

You'll spend some time on the ground getting to know an instructor, learning the steps we take to prepare for a safe flight, and how the controls maneuver the aircraft. Then you'll climb into the pilot's seat and begin your first flight! You'll spend 30-45 minutes aloft: climb over downtown Ann Arbor, then take the controls to practice a few things for yourself.

Your $99 pays for aircraft expenses, and the instructor donates their time. It's a great way to discover flight in a single-engine plane, get to know one of our instructors, and consider the journey of becoming a pilot.

What to Expect

If you decide to train with the Michigan Flyers, you can expect a few things on your trek. You'll work closely with an instructor, spending hours in the air and on the ground. You'll also work on your own with Cessna's web-based video-rich instruction, learning procedures before you practice them. You'll learn regulations, radio communications, meteorology, and the wide breadth of knowledge that pilots employ.

To become a private pilot, you'll spend a minimum of 40 hours in the air, but most students spend 50-70 hours before obtaining their certificate. During these hours, you'll train with an instructor, progress to nearby solo flights, on to flight planning and night flying. Toward the end of your training, you'll take several solo long-distance flights over scenic rural Michigan.

For more information on the details of learning to fly, visit LetsGoFlying.com, or read about where we're flying.

New Member Promotion

If you decide to fly with us, you can take advantage of our new member promotion. With an initial deposit of $400, you'll receive:

  • Free introductory flight lesson ($99 savings)
  • $100 signing bonus toward future flight hours
  • No initiation or security deposit fees

Part of your initial deposit will also pay for the $300 Cessna Flight Training kit. This web-based training curriculum provides the material you need to pass the FAA written exam. Videos prepare you for the in-flight lessons you'll receive. This curriculum is provided by King Schools, and is exclusive to Cessna Pilot Centers.

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